"My mom has a firewall."

"This video sucks my shit! It's not even funny and I'd rather play Ninja Gaiden on hard mode...with cheats."

- Xavior complaining about the "Mondays" episode of Elliot Goes to School

Wesley, or Xavior as everyone calls him, or Xavior 3.10, (weetard) as he calls himself, is one of the students in Elliot's class. He, being a computer addict with a MacBook, knows how to perform Internet sex, and has been seen engaging in World of Warcraft instead of learning in class. He was introduced to the class in Pep Rallies alongside Jimbo, when Brandon referred to him as "another nerd". He also has a crush on Miss Person. According to Field Trips, his favorite Team Fortress 2 class is the Medic. According to Half-Life Machinima Wiki, he is said to be "Dr. Hax's worst nightmare".


Xavior wears a cap on his head, wears glasses, and wears a green hoodie over purple jacket and a blue shirt. He also wears jeans and white shoes. This outfit has stuck with him since his first appearance, and he does not participate in the same 2nd-period class as Elliot and Brandon.


Xavior is a computer addict, even trolling one of the videos he stars in. He is also a "leet haxer" and usually plays games on his MacBook instead of learning in class. He is a secondary/minor student in the series, and he appeared always since his debut. He also knowns how to perform Internet sex, and he says that his mom has a firewall, preventing her from ever getting leet haxed.

Pep RalliesEdit

He was introduced alongside Jimbo, when Brandon called him "another nerd in the class". Although Mr. Cool introduced him as Wesley, he stated that his name is "Xavior 3.10, weetard." He "leet haxed" Jimbo after pushing Elliot out the window.