Niko is a character from GTA IV.

He appears in Niko vs Roman where he gets annoying phonr calls from Roman untill he falls off the edge and starts fighting him.


he probaly loves to eat pizzas as in Niko vs Roman he gets a huge pizza where Roman calls him to eat together.

it seems that he can survive big falls  as in Niko vs Roman he jumps from a building on to Romans car and he jump from a high building into Elliots house.


he appears as his casual cloths in GTA IV: a brown Jacket with zips and a inner jumper which is yellow and white, he wears a sweater undear his cloths and wears blue jeans with stupid shoes.


he never wears any other cloths in any episode created by Kitty0706.

his favourite food must be pizza.

he can survive big falls.

he can use a jet pack.

he lives in a diffrent house than the ones seen in GTA IV in Liberty city.

he is also seen in GTA IV coffee mugger and all those other ones i forgot what they were called.

Relationship with other characters

ROMAN: he dosn't seem to talk to roman when he is playing activity's with him but when he explodes and gets boring emails he talks through skype and starts fighting after that.

BRUCIE: it seems that he likes Brucie since in Niko vs Roman he calls him for back up or something and explodes them up.

FEATCHER: them both talk at Nikos funeral where he try's to grab his gun but gets asked where he came from but he said "not good enough." when Brucie explodes he aims at them and kills Niko and Roman but they respawn and his mission fails.