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Here we have everything based on the late Kitty0706, creator of video series such as Moments with Heavy to Elliot Goes to School and everything in between.

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Colin Wyckoff (aka Kitty0706) started his Youtube career in 2008, with his first video being 'True Crime: Criminal Justice: Part 1', though it didn't become a instant hit, it was a start for his next 7 years of uploading. Gmod Poop: G-man vs. Barney Part 1 was Colin's very first Gmod Machinima which introduced him into the world of making Gmod videos.

Personal Life

Colin was born in Lakewood, New Jersey and grew up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He was still in school when he started uploading, his first video being uploaded when he was 12-13 years old.

When he was 18 he began a relationship with a girl called Nessie (Aka Nessiedaseamonster), having met her in vocational school. They bonded over their shared interest in drawing cartoon animals, and eventually Colin told her he had a Youtube channel, to which she searched it up later that night and found it hilariously funny. They didn't start dating until January 2013, and stayed together until Kitty's death in January 2015.

On May 9th, 2012, Colin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.). Colin explained in The Kitty Korner - Update #1 that he started experiencing abdominal pain out of nowhere. He initially thought it was something minor that would blow over, but months passed, and the pain just got worse over time. One day at school, he was in so much pain that his teacher forced him to go to the school's nurse. The nurse confirmed that he had a fever. Colin didn't feel like he had a fever, so he went to the doctor to figure out why his body felt this way. He had a blood test done, and the doctor sent him home, promising to call him mother up if anything serious came up in the blood test. No less than five minutes after he arrived home, the doctor rang his home and told Colin and his mother to come back down immediately. Colin learned that his white cell blood count was off the end of the scales and that he was lucky to still be alive. The doctor suspected that he had leukemia, and sent him off to a hospital in Pennsylvania to further pinpoint the diagnosis, as well as treat his cancer. Colin's cancer went into remission a few months after, but it recurred in 2014, and was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. After the bone marrow transplant in November, his cancer went into remission for a second time.

His Passing

A year after the transplant, Nessie had learned that Colin wasn't doing what he was supposed to do to in order to stay healthy. In early January 2015, Colin came down with a fever and was taken into the hospital again. Sometime in the hospital, Colin learned that his cancer came back once again, and that there was nothing they could do except slow it down. Colin later passed away just after midnight on the 25th of January, 2015.


It was unknown if his remains were put to rest in the cemetery along with his family.

Editor's Final Words

Though Colin has passed from this world, his legacy will live on and his loyal fans will always respect him.

"Stay warm, homies." - Colin Wyckoff, 2015


Nessie and Friends say farewell -

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