Kitty0706 (real name Colin Wyckoff) was the creator of the channel kitty0706, also known for creating series like Moments with Heavy and Elliot Goes to School. In real life, his style was art online and had been a part of YouTube since April 2007. His channel had over 27 million total upload views, 4 million of them being channel views. He had an empty 4chan gold account, and used current software like Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0 to make his videos, besides Garry's Mod. He also loved A Day To Remember, a punk-metal band. Many of ADTR's songs are found on the intro and outro sequences on the Elliot Goes To School series.

Kitty was diagnosed with Eternal Bleeding on May 9, 2012, and died from said bleeding on January 25, 2015. Many fans were hurt to hear this news and contributed by making tribute videos.