Jimbo after telling Xavior that he would "leet hax" his mom.

"Hwahwahwahwa. A new fagola to make fun of!"

- Mr. Higglesworth upon first seeing Jimbo

Jimbo is one of Elliot's classmates in Elliot Goes to School. He was introduced in Pep Rallies alongside Xavior. He is known for shouting out random phrases like "Bananas" or "Lollipops", and he has also gone along with a couple of arguments, settling Elliot and Bradon's "furfag" quarrel, and making a comeback at Mr. Higglesworth, calling him a scene.








High-school student


Pep Rallies


"Bananas", "Lollipops", etc.



Jimbo is a caucasian teenager with flat black hair, bushy eyebrows, and a nasal-sounding voice. He bears a cheesy smile, and was seen in both of his appearances wearing a black vest over a gray T-shirt, with jeans and black shoes. This outfit has never left Jimbo, and it is unknown if he will change his clothing.


Jimbo is one of the most amiable members of Elliot's friends. He tends to be more respectful to authority figures and peers. For this, he can be seen as something of a kiss-up. He only raises his voice when someone is seriously grating on his nerves. He also has a habit of grabbing snacks in between classes or conversations, his personal favorite being pizza, which he enjoys at any time of the day. 

Jimbo can be seen aiding Elliot in his struggle to get to class on time by giving him a ride (on a sleigh) and tossing him a skateboard. He also tends to use simple strategies to get what he needs.

Jimbo rarely argues with his friends, Xavior excluded due to the latter's aggravating personality. Jimbo has a nasally sing-song voice.


Jimbo gets "leet haxed" by Xavior.



Although he and Elliot don't seem like main friends, he did interact with him once in Pep Rallies, thanking him for a ride that rescued all of his classmates from elite G-Men's clutches.


Jimbo has never mainly interacted with Brandon, but Jimbo was called "gay" by him once.

Mr. HigglesworthEdit

Mr. Higglesworth may be Jimbo's main enemy, because he tortured him almost the entire 2nd period in the episode he debuted in. When Mr. Higglesworth first saw him, he laughed at him and called him "a new fagola to make fun of". He announced that he would call Jimbo "Fagola" until he died, although his name was Jimbo. He received an F on a quiz he did not take, and after declaring that transferring to the school was a mistake, Mr. Higglesworth informed him on how everyone made mistakes, exampling that with Jimbo's creation.