"Gmod Brawl: Niko vs. Roman" an installment in kitty0706's Gmod Brawl series. It was released on May 4, 2010 and was exactly 10 minutes long like its preceding installment, and it has accumulated over 700,000 views since, the most views a Gmod Brawl has ever received.

Brief synopsis: After getting constant calls for pointless activities with Roman, Niko finally goes over the edge and gets annoyed to the extent of starting an ongoing fight to the death with his cousin.


Niko is enjoying a seat in front of the TV when his phone rings. He picks it up to find that his cousin Roman has called him to go bowling. The scene cuts to Niko and Roman alone in the bowling alley. Moments before Niko is about to bowl, Roman distracts him and causes the ball to bowl off the lane. Roman explodes with laughter (and so does a background-appearing Blue Heavy). Niko is then seen at his house, Roman bidding a farewell and saying that they should hang out soon. As soon as Niko sits down again, Roman calls him a second time asking him to play darts. It then cuts to Niko sitting down as Roman unsuccessfully attempts to stick a giant dart into a dartboard. Niko also gets called for him and Roman to play video games together, go out and eat together, play pool together, to get drunk together, and to see a show together. These all repeat themselves in a frantic warp until Niko slams himself onto his bed. His phone rings once again, and Roman begins speaking as Niko's head rumbles. When he finishes his statement about going to play "all-American bowling", Niko screams and throws his phone through the window.

He then gets notified of his new e-mails, to which they are all Roman sending him twelve times under the name "Fw: HEY NIKO'. The camera lowers onto an e-mail sent by Roman, which says 'LET'S GO BOWLING'. Niko's pupils move away from one another as he picks up his monitor and throws it, and begins eating a small box. He gets another message, and he pushes his chair out the way and pushes down on the 'NO' key of his keyboard. He keeps pushing it as "You've got mail" repeats repetitively. He angrily presses it faster until Skype opens on his computer, and the obvious person he is video-chatting with is none other than Roman. Roman asks to play darts as he throws a giant dart at Niko.