Fox's Retarded Day is a Gmod Video made by Kitty0706. The video was released in Jul 16, 2009.


Now see how retarded Fox McCloud's day is! What happens when a bunch of intruders invade Fox's ship? Watch and find out! Enjoy.




The quotes below are sound-mixed ONLY. do NOT put normal quotes.
"I was just starting to HATE that guy..."
―Probably one of the times that Francis is getting this right.


  • Fox's Retarded Day is one of the lowest viewed (not really low) Kitty0706 video (781,535 views) after 5 years.


  • Left 4 Dead-style death:
    • Black Guy (Louis) - Died from headshot via a bullet shot by Max Payne.
    • Kernel Sanders (Bill) - NOT IN THIS VIDEO
    • Bitch (Zoey) - NOT IN THIS VIDEO
    • Furfag (Francis) - killed by Vin (cuz he has a deep voice), with his last words "mama..."
  • Niko's Bowling call from Roman is reused from Oney Cartoons' Grand Theft Awesome video.