The title card used in "Elliot Goes to School".

"Elliot Goes to School" is the eponymous debut episode of the Elliot Goes to School series created by kitty0706. The video was released on September 29, 2009 and has gotten almost million views since, with over eight thousand likes.

Brief synopsis: It's Elliot's first day of the sophomore year in high school, and it's hard to survive in Elliot's school with Mr. Higglesworth , the gym teacher , and even Brendan riding his cattails... POO


Elliot is sleeping with his school clothes on, snoring as he dangles upside down, his legs on the bed, his head on the ground. He gets startled awake by an advertisement

Elliot's way of sleeping in the morning.

on the radio, but he stops it by banging his fist on it. He groans into class. The teacher rudely asks the class to sit their "fatasses down", complaining about their looks and accesories, such as their yellow wristbands, big skater shoes, hoodies over their heads, their hot sports cars and girlfriends. The teacher sums everything up as making him literaly sick and that he had to call the doctor. Brandon laughs at the teacher's sense of humor, calling him "funny", but the teacher rebounds by calling his face funny.

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Transcript of Elliot Goes to School