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Eye color

Predictably brown


Elliot Goes to School

Student of

Mr. Cool/Mr. Higglesworth/Ms. Person

Other names

Titface, Pottymouth

Elliot is a main character (and mostly title character) in Elliot Goes to School.

In the seriesEdit


Elliot and his friends

In the web series, Elliot is shown as a bit of a troublemaking slacker, and also tends to make unfunny jokes. He seems to be the rival of the high-pitched Brandon, and is one of the students of Mr. Cool and Mr. Higglesworth. In the first episode of the series, he was seen to have a thoroughly illustrated moustache and beard, but it has now been changed to just a goatee. Him being a fictionalized animation, he has the abilities to do inhuman things, such as flail wildly in the air, and perform a spinning handstand on a skateboard. But he may know that he is on a show (Breaking the 4th wall), as one of his quotes has been "Didn't I just answer that in the last episode?"


Elliot Goes To School series

  • Elliot is Late for Work


  • Gmod Brawl: Niko vs. Roman
  • Kitty0706's Moments with Heavy - Movie Night (A Kitty0706 Tribute) (Voice)
  • The Kitty0706 Gmod_SFM Collab!



Elliot's icon, of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

Elliot is a nice, fun loving, adventurous, but sometimes rude and lazy. like most of the characters, he dislikes his school and his teachers. The teachers, except for Mr. Cool and Ms. Person, are very mean to him and his friends.


  • Drawing furries.
  • Making escape plans.
  • Knowing some Italian.
  • Being awesome.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Throughout the series, Elliot is able to fall from great heights without getting himself injured. If he is stabbed, he can quickly regenerate. He is very stealthy and quick. Also, in "Mondays", Elliot possesses certain super-speed.


  • He usually wears black.
  • One of his shirts was an "Ima Robot" shirt, based off of a real shirt for the band Ima Robot
  • In his first appearance, Elliot talks like a chipmunk.
  • He used to have a mustache, though now he has a goatee.
  • According to Brandon, Elliot's real name is Colin.
  • Kitty0706 voices Elliot.
  • He tends to run over people during the beginning of the episodes.